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The Societies fisheries on The Old Bedford River and Counter Drain are temporarily suspended until October 2018

 This is due to work being carried out on the Middle Level Barrier Bank by EA contractors.


The Annual General Meeting for 2019

The Histon & District Angling Society Annual General Meeting will be at the Histon & Impington Royal British Legion Club on April 10th 8pm.



 A Common Bream of 9lbs 8ozs was caught during July from the Old Bedford River at Mepal.

This fish was then accepted by the committee at the August meeting as a new Club Record. The bream was the largest of a number caught by members.


A rare catch from the Old West a Crucian Carp  

  Some nice Perch caught by the Hermitage Marina the largest weighing 2lb



Old West Several Members have caught Bream and Tench during the opening day of the river season on the Histon A.S stretch of the Old West at Queenholme Farm.

 The largest Bream weighed 5 1/2 lbs and most of the Tench were between 3 and 4 lbs.


Old Bedford In the Old Bedford at Earith, a large shoal of Bream with a 100+ individuals was seen along with a number of Carp just before the season opened.

There is a lot of fish showing along the Sutton Gault  - Mepal stretch


Winter Fish Refuge on the Old West

The Society are constructing a Winter Fish Refuge in ponds adjoining the Old West at Earith Road Willingham. The ponds have been cleared during December 2016

During February it the intention to construct the 14 floating islands. If anyone would like to get involved with this conservation project e-mail info@histonangling.org.uk




The Society maintains a list of Record fish caught in its waters